Wendy Williams Calls Out Meghan Markle: Don't Try to Get Our Sympathy
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The 'Wendy Williams Show' host scoffs at the Duchess of Sussex after the latter claimed she didn't understand her friends' concerns when they advised her not to marry Prince Harry.

AceShowbiz - It seemed Wendy Williams was not one of the people tweeting #WeLoveYouMeghan when the hashtag became trending topic on social media following Meghan Markle's television interview. The TV host didn't really believe the Duchess of Sussex when the latter said she "naively didn't get it" when her friends advised her not to marry Prince Harry.

"Yes you did. You knew exactly what you were doing," Wendy said on her talk show. "And I applaud her plot-ation on the royal situation. But please, don't try to garner sympathy from us. You knew what you were doing." The host said either Meghan's pals were "hating a** girlfriend" or she's "lying to try and get sympathy."

Wendy didn't understand why the couple couldn't move out of U.K. if they were really uncomfortable with the paparazzi there. "Harry and Meghan have nothing to lose by moving to America. Why not? Move to America and live part time in Africa like you want to do," she added.

"You have to still go back to England. Have a place in all three places. Have a mansion in Malibu, a big hut - I've never been to Africa, I don't know - a big hotel or wherever you're gonna live in Africa and then have your royal palace place in England," she continued.

"I like them, but there's something about her," the host said, adding that the Duchess shouldn't be surprised at the intense media scrutiny. "Because you're now a royal," she exclaimed. "They weren't following you when you were on 'Suits', we didn't even know who you were except when you came for employment here at Wendy and wanted to be one of our runway models."

"Meghan, nobody feels sorry for you. You knew what you were signing up for girl!" she added.

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