Rick Ross' Ex Lira Galore Sparks Debate by Saying Wanting to Have One Baby Daddy Is 'Unrealistic'

'You don't have to not have kids for the sake of having 1 baby daddy,' the ex-girlfriend of the rapper says on her Twitter account, before a bunch of people reply with their own opinions.

AceShowbiz - Those who follow Lira Galore on Twitter must have known that the social media star likes to discuss a lot of things on the social media platform. Her tweets on Sunday night, October 20 has particularly garnered people's interest, as Lira said on the site that it's "unrealistic" for women to want to have one baby daddy.

She said, "The only thing I'm saying is if you have a child by a n***a & didn't work out . It's not the end . Life goes on, even after love & you'll love again & wanna have more babies ! You don't have to not have kids for the sake of having 1 baby daddy. That's unrealistic."

Lisa Galore said wanting to have only one baby daddy is 'unrealistic.'

The ex-girlfriend of Rick Ross went on writing on the bluebird app, "Nobody sets out to JUST be a baby mom or to have 3 Baby daddy's but s**t happens, things change & life goes on. Woman to Woman do not stand stagnant ! Own your life & make it more yours no matter what! We are not defined by men !"

Lisa Galore continued making her points.

Her posts successfully sparked debate among social media users, with some admitting that Lira did have a point. "I believe this to be true as well … One fail doesn't mean it's over forever .. MOVE ON," a user said, with someone else adding, "She's right. And to the ppl saying 'why not want until you're married.' THIS is real life and not some fairytale movie s**t, that 'marriage' can also fail." Meanwhile, another wrote, "Truth, People really have a problem with folks moving on with their life."

Some others, meanwhile, sounded off about Lira's remarks because they believed women don't have to get pregnant by every man they're romantically linked to. "This not facts tho," a person said. "You don't have to get pregnant by every n***a. Just ask Rihanna . She been with everyone and not one baby. Use birth control . Someone has to say it."

"She said having one baby Daddy is unrealistic...my God. We have to do better!" one other person noted, as an individual commented, "Life goes on . But at the same time , you don't need to get pregnant by every man you 'think' you love. That's why these females end up with so many baby's dads." There was also one who offered a rather lengthy response, "It's not unrealistic. Date marriage minded men or at least men who want to commit. Nothing about her child's father shows he wants to commit to one woman."

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