Sharon Stone Labels Her Troubled 40s as Her Most Beautiful Age
Allure Magazine

Despite having to deal with unemployment, messy custody battle and brain injury, the 'Basic Instinct' star tells Allure magazine that her favourite age was 'a period of reconciliation and change.'

AceShowbiz - Sharon Stone would like to time travel back to her 40s and relive her favourite decade, even though it included unemployment, a messy custody battle and a brain injury.

Asked to name her favourite age in a new Allure magazine interview, the 61-year-old admits her most troubled years were her most interesting and challenging.

"My 40s were so beautiful," she tells the publication. "I couldn't work because women, once they got to be 40, were not given jobs in Hollywood. I was a mom with three beautiful little boys. I was recovering from a massive brain injury, and I was in custody court constantly over my oldest child."

"But there was something wonderful in that period of all those challenges. And even though no one wanted to date me - no one would want a woman that had little children - it was a period of reconciliation and change, and understanding myself. It was my period of the biggest change, but the period where I thought I was the most beautiful."

Stone's 19-year-old son, Roan Bronstein, recently filed legal documents in a bid to take his mother's name.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Roan submitted a petition for change of name in Los Angeles County back in July. He wants to become Roan Joseph Bronstein Stone, explaining: "I would like to take the surname of each of my parents."

Roan was born in 2000 and adopted by Stone and her then-husband, newspaper boss Phil Bronstein.

The former San Francisco Chronicle editor filed for divorce in 2003 and the couple was caught up in a bitter custody battle, which the actress lost. A judge ruled that Roan's father could provide a more stable environment for the boy, while Stone was allowed visitation.

She adopted another son, Laird, in 2005, and then Quinn in 2006.

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