'RHOD' Star D'Andra Simmons Hits Back at Leanne Locken for Calling Her 'Almighty Fat Cow'

Expressing her disbelief, the TV personality writes on her Twitter account, 'I thought we were working on a friendship after Mexico... I can't believe I'm getting slammed and being called a 'fat cow.' '

AceShowbiz - Just when people think D'Andra Simmons and Leanne Locken are mending their relationship, the latter has just ignited the flame between them. In the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Dallas", Leanne called her co-star "the great and almighty fat cow" during her bachelorette party which D'Andra was not invited to.

D'Andra took notice of the remarks after watching the episode and was quick to offer a rather lengthy clapback. First off, she took to her Twitter account to express her disbelief over what Leanne said about her as writing, "I thought we were working on a friendship after Mexico... I can't believe I'm getting slammed and being called a 'fat cow.' "

D'Andra Simmons expressed her disbelief.

She then issued a statement, in which she explained that she had actually tried hard not to add fuel to their beef. However, Leanne did the exact opposite to the point where it frustrated her. "Lie after lie and insult after insult have been lobbed shamelessly out into the world, and then quickly ran out of hot air and simply piled up, deflated in my court," D'Andra said. "By not engaging the irrational, malicious behavior, I was doing the right thing."

Even though D'Andra did not name names in her statement, it's clear that she was talking about the "Miss Congeniality" star. "It's bad enough that women are continuously fat-shamed and body-shamed by society and pop culture," she wrote. "But when a woman does it to another woman -- especially on a national platform -- it cements stereotypes and gives substance to cliches (for men, for boys, for women and girls); it fans the flames of a much more destructive fire that I refuse to let spread."

Leanne has yet to respond back to D'Andra.

In the Wednesday, October 16 episode of "RHOD", Leanne held a bachelorette party with her co-stars. There, she explained why D'Andra wasn't invited to the bash, pointing out that the TV personality actually had not tried to befriend her again despite her apology. "When you show an action, you get a mother f***ing invitation, and until then go over there and stand in the vasectomy line," she said, before complaining that she got yelled at "because the great and almighty fat cow isn't here to be worshipped."

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