'90 Day Fiance' Star Stacey Silva Hints at Florian Sukaj Split

Fans quickly weigh in on the possible breakup of the TLC couple, who got engaged back in May, as one Instagram user comments, 'Well good thing they weren't married yet, eh?'

AceShowbiz - Is there trouble in paradise? "90 Day Fiance" star Stacey Silva got fans wonder if she has split from her boyfriend Florian Sukaj through her recent social media activity.

Fans had noticed that Stacey had removed all of her photos including Florian on her private Instagram page. Further fueling the split speculations was the fact that the TLC star unfollowed her Albanian beau on the photo-sharing site.

Stacey also seemed to be dropping a clue that she and Florian had gone to separate ways with her recent post, which was obtained by blogger John Yates. In the now-deleted post, Stacey could be seen sharing a selfie of hers. Captioning the snap, she wrote, "I ain't your mama. #iamnofool #liar #gotalktoyournewgirlincanada #bye #ideservebetterthanyou #foundoutthetruth #tlc #beforethe90days."

Stacey Silva hints at Florian Sukaj split

Stacey Silva hints at Florian Sukaj split.

Fans quickly weighed in on the possible breakup of the couple. "Well good thing they weren't married yet, eh?" one user said. "These sisters love to put all their life on display and seem addicted to the drama factor. I mean, who promotes their breakup for attention? Just move on already," another added.

Stacey and Florian confirmed their engagement in May after being together for four years. "We met online. It was Instagram," she gushed on "90 Day Fiance: Live" back in September. "He's a jack of all trades. He designs furniture. He's amazing."

Her apparent rocky relationship with Florian aside, Stacey is also struggling to get along with her twin sister Darcey Silva. Their non-stop fight ended up bothering the latter's boyfriend Tom Broooks and he expressed how it really turned him off. "I really do feel like Stacey's to blame," Darcey shared. "If we hadn't come to Albania, he probably would've proposed. I would have a ring on my finger, but I guess not."

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