Dave East Spills Details Over His Altercation With Two Women in Las Vegas

In an interview with 'The Morning Hustle' in Washington D.C., the rapper and actor recalls the time when one of the women 'threw three bottles at me. Cut my arm, my leg, all that.'

AceShowbiz - Last month, Dave East was caught in a legal trouble after he got into an altercation with two women at a hotel room in Las Vegas. The rapper has finally opened up about the matter in an interview with "The Morning Hustle" in Washington D.C.

Claiming that there were more people in the hotel room than him and the two women, East denied that there were any plans of a threesome as they were just hanging out in the hotel room. Things took a sour turn when one of the women went to the bathroom and was later found trying on a piece of jewelry with his daughter's initials.

This prompted East to ask what she was doing, but "her friend caught an attitude" and insisted that the girl didn't try to steal the jewelry. "First of all I ain't say nobody was trying to steal why you say that? Matter of fact y'all get y'all s**t. Get out," the "Beats" star recalled. "And it went from that to bottle service. Shorty threw three bottles at me. Cut my arm, my leg, all that. She done already dialed 911 in the bathroom. Got the phone on speaker phone. Cops hearin' all of that, I'm screamin'."

East and the girls ended up charged with battery after police found out he was the only one with visible scratches and injuries. "It wasn't nothing. They patched me up, brought me to the little s**t. Gave me a battery charge. Gave her one because they just went off the stories," the rapper continued, before blaming himself for inviting them in the first place. "My mistake was even chilling with them in my room at all. It all went down in my room so it looked bad. And then it's two girls claiming I'm attacking them."

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