'90 Day Fiance' Star Deavan Clegg Urges Haters to Stop 'Harassing' 4-Year-Old Daughter

Drascilla lands in hot water after she appears to be tossing a puppy around when her reality TV star mother is showing off her skincare routine during an Instagram Live session.

AceShowbiz - Deavan Clegg has had enough of people who keep criticizing her 4-year-old daughter Drascilla. The little girl was recently in hot water after her reality TV show mom went on an Instagram Live over the weekend to show her skincare routine. But rather than focusing on the "90 Day Fiance" star's routine, people's attention was directed to what was happening in the background.

As Deavan was talking to the viewers, Drascilla was seen in the background playing with the family's puppy. But it appeared the little girl might treat the puppy too rough as people believed that she was tossing around the animal. Making people more convinced was the fact that the TLC star told the girl at one point not to throw the dog.

"Her daughter literally threw the f***ing puppy. She told her to stop throwing it. I feel sick omg," one wrote. Making fun of the 4-year-old's name, another commented, "I think Dracula needs one of those cones around her head." Someone else simply called the moment "horrifying." Some others, meanwhile, asked her whether the dog was all right and told her to check on it.

Deavan didn't take long to respond to the questions, letting her devotees know that her puppy is "100% okay!" before she went on hitting back at those who criticized her daughter. "My daughter did not throw my dog. The thud you hear is her falling down onto the window by out bed. So thanks for being rude to my 4 year old appreciate it," she said.

"Secondly she was only holding him in the air. And thirdly you guys do know Koreans eat dog right?" she continued. "And if you keep reporting they'll just take my dog and put him down and you will be responsible for my dogs death. P.s. he's fine and happy. So stop harassing my child."

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