The long-running NBC late-night show once brought a star who was more of a trainwreck as a host, and seemingly thought it would be a great idea to have a drama-free musician for the episode.

Rudy Giuliani and Sarah McLachlan (1997)

Rudy Giuliani and Sarah McLachlan had different vision when it came to contributing for the world, but that didn't stop "SNL" from putting them together on the 30 Rock stage. During his 1993 campaign, Rudy was punishing the children of the homeless by setting a limit of 90 days for stays in shelters. Moreover, authorities conducted sweeps of parks and other public places to arrest homeless people and move them to shelters during his administration.

While things were full of violence and cries in Rudy's side, it was not the case for Sarah. The Canadian singer was known for her love for animals. She even generated more than $30 million through her heartbreaking A.S.P.C.A.'s ad campaign featuring images of abandoned and abused animals with her singing "Angel".

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