Designers Clamoring to Ask Naomi Campbell to Intentionally Trip on Runway After Her Infamous Tumble
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While the supermodel calls the infamous tumble embarrassing, she reveals in a new interview that designers asked her to recreate the moment for publicity stunt.

AceShowbiz - Naomi Campbell was asked by designers to intentionally fall after taking a tumble on her runway during a Vivienne Westwood show.

The supermodel famously fell while strutting in sky-high platform heels during the 1993 event, and she still considers it an awful moment.

"I was embarrassed because also it was not the right time of the month for a woman to fall and I felt like I should have practiced more," Campbell told Westwood in a new interview for British Vogue. "There's a trick to walking in your shoes."

The jaw-dropping incident was so highly publicised, other fashion visionaries asked her to recreate the moment.

"A couple of people, designers, asked me if I would fall for them. And I was like, 'Why would you want me to fall unnecessarily?' 'Press! The press that you got!' But it wasn't planned!"

"They asked me if I would do it and I said, 'Absolutely not, it goes against everything that I stand for. I’m not falling purposefully'."

Today, the 49-year-old still replays the words she said to herself that night, adding, "The most important thing is that I said to myself, 'Get up and keep going. That's all you have to do'."

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