Marvel Sued Over Alleged Stolen 'X-Men' Theme Song

A lawsuit has been launched against Marvel and Disney for alleged copyright infringement over the soundtrack of their popular superhero animated series 'X-Men'.

AceShowbiz - A man is reportedly suing Marvel, alleging they stole the theme song for their hit cartoon series "X-Men".

According to TMZ, Zoltan Krisko has filed papers against a number of companies - including Marvel, Disney, Fox, Apple and Amazon - claiming the executives behind the 90s show stole the intro music from Hungarian TV series "Linda".

The tune from the show, which ran from 1984 to 1991, was composed by Gyorgy Vukan, whose estate is managed by Krisko, and was copyrighted the year before the series premiered.

In the papers, Krisko claims those behind "X-Men" were familiar with Hungarian film professionals in the 80s, and insisted they'd definitely have known about "Linda" because it was such a massive hit at the time.

However, he claims he didn't hear the "X-Men" tune until 2017 - but adds all the success the franchise achieved for Marvel and many other companies is a result of that iconic melody.

Krisko is now seeking a portion of Marvel's profits since the 90s. Representatives from Marvel have yet to respond to the allegations.

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