Smash Mouth Frontman's Fiancee Accuses Him of Threatening Behavior
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In the same month she got engaged to Steve Harwell after over a year of dating, Esther Campbell filed for a restraining order against him, claiming that his drinking is out of control.

AceShowbiz - Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell's fiancee has filed for a restraining order against the singer, claiming his "threatening behaviour" is ruining her life.

Esther Campbell claims he has threatened not to cover bills for work he has commissioned at her home after she refused to let him move in with her, and now members of his management team have reportedly told her he has the "means" to make her life difficult.

Campbell wants Harwell to stay away from her home and work, and not contact her by phone, text or social media, according to TMZ.

The couple only became engaged earlier this month (September 2019) after dating for over a year, but she's now having second thoughts, alleging his drinking is out of control.

She called the police recently after he bombarded her with harassing texts and calls, and she has threatened to call off the engagement if Harwell doesn't get help.

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