Based on Arthur T. Burton's book 'Black, Red and Deadly', the upcoming drama from the 'Angel Has Fallen' actor will revolve around slave-turned-federal fugitive hunter Bass Reeves.

AceShowbiz - Morgan Freeman has picked up the TV rights for the story of one of America's most notable lawmen.

The actor is developing a series about U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves, a 19th century Arkansas slave-turned-federal fugitive hunter, based on Arthur T. Burton's book "Black, Red & Deadly".

The African-American Marshal captured around 3,000 criminals in his storied career - more than other famous American bounty hunters such as Pat Garrett, Wild Bill Hickok, and Wyatt Earp - by employing creative detective skills that were ahead of their time, like enforcing sting operations and adopting disguises.

Freeman's drama will be set in the lawless Wild West.

It is not clear if producer Freeman will play Reeves or another role in the series.

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