Damian Lewis Labels James Bond a Spy With 'Endless Mistakes'

Having long been tipped as a possible successor for Daniel Craig in the 007 franchise, the 'Homeland' actor may have harmed his chances by getting candid about what he really thinks about the agent.

AceShowbiz - Damian Lewis may have harmed his chances of playing James Bond by confessing he thinks 007 is a terrible spy.

The "Homeland" star, 48, has long been tipped as a possible successor for Daniel Craig in the popular film franchise, although he has recently slipped behind younger favourites like James Norton and Richard Madden in the betting.

However, Damian thinks Ian Fleming's hero isn't so great at his job.

"The great thing about Bond is how bad a spy he is, and how brilliant he is in recovering his position. Bond makes endless mistakes," he tells British newspaper The Observer. "That's what's fun about him, and then (he) has to do something extraordinary to recover himself."

Damian admits to being quite obsessed with spies, and produces and presents his own docudrama series about the most important spies of the past 40 years, "Spy Wars". And he insists it's the grubbiness of espionage that he finds fascinating.

"I find the different reasons for turning traitor or being a hero, depending on your view, are often quite grubby and banal. I'm interested (in) the motives of these spies. That's the series we've tried to make," he explains.

Lewis' spy show will debut on the History network in October.

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