Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler

After certain fallout, these pairs of famous stars who used to be close to each other have stopped talking and some even take their feuds to public with wars of words.

AceShowbiz - Despite being best friends back then, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler's personalities never matched each other. While Jen is very private about her personal life, Chelsea could not hold back from talking about the "Friends" alum's relationships with her exes in public. That eventually cost her her friendship with the 50-year-old actress.

The comedian later admitted that her own anger issues have caused trouble with friendships, possibly including one with the "Horrible Bosses" star, and she's gone through therapy to work on her issues. Maintaining her grace, Jen never addressed the fallout of their friendship. She later appeared to restore it by inviting the TV host to her 50th birthday party in February of this year.

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