Twitter Has Wild Reaction to Kanye West's Yeezy Crocs
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As Kanye has always been known for his strange-looking Adidas Yeezy shoes, the response for his new design isn't entirely great as one says they 'look like they could be a new pokemon.'

AceShowbiz - Amid high anticipation, Kanye West has released sneak peek images for his upcoming footwear called Yeezy Foam Runners. Published via Yeezy Mafia on Thursday, September 12, the photos offered a better look at the new shoes which were looking slightly like a futuristic Crocs.

"YEEZY FOAM RUNNER LANDING IN 2020," wrote the account in the caption alongside photos of model wearing the footwears while riding a BMW motorcycle. As Kanye has always been known for his strange-looking Adidas Yeezy shoes, the response for his new design wasn't entirely great.

"I didn't think it possible to come up with something uglier than Crocs, but Kanye pulled it off," one critic wrote on Twitter. "Yezzy [sic] crocs. Kanye's trolling hard these days," another comment read, while one other user couldn't but wonder, "what type of s**t is this Kanye you wild."

Another fan wrote, "Out of all the s**t Kanye could've done with that damn shoe.. he chose to make them some high class crocs?? We shall call them Croces." Calling it "ugly," someone else said, "Some people buy junk just coz it is made by a famous person."

However, one person decided to defend the "Gold Digger" rapper, saying, "I said this a while back but at this point, Kanye is just doing things to show that he can do them. He made dad shoes cool and now he's gonna make crocs cool. No one man should have all that power." The post didn't sit well with some people though, as they begged to differ and said that "crocs has always been cool."

Some others joked that "the yeezy crocs look like they could be a new pokemon." Meanwhile, one user was convinced that Kanye came up with the design because "he's just older and tired and wants comfortable a** shoes."

Eitherway, some users believed that despite the the backlash now some people would still spend a lot of money to get a pair when it's released. "Twitter, Today: LMAOOOO Yeezy Crocs these shit trash who would wear these ugly ass shoes. Twitter, Release Day: didn't get my Yeezy Crocs guess i'm gonna have to pay $428 for them on the secondary market," one user poked fun at it.

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