'MAFS' Fans Ship Amber With Her Best Friend Instead of Husband Matt

In the episode, Amber has dinner with her best friend Raven and she tells him that her situation with her professional basketball player husband is improving but it still isn't great.

AceShowbiz - Season 9 of "Married at First Sight" returned on Wednesday, August 28. It's only 11 days before the "Decision Day" in which each couple must determine whether they'd like to stay married or get a divorce. In the new episode, viewers were offered with more insights into the progress that each couple made so far.

The episode featured English teacher Amber having dinner with her best friend Raven. She told him that her situation with her professional basketball player husband Matt was improving but it still wasn't great. But that didn't stop Amber from gushing about Matt as she revealed that he melted her heart and that she wanted their relationship to work out.

However, she realized that it would only happen if Matt gave his best effort to the relationship. She told Raven that Matt went out with his friends every day. That prompted Raven to make her realize that she deserved someone better than Matt.

"You don't deserve to be someone's second choice or backup option. You're such an amazing person, I don't know why you're having such a hard time finding that," Raven told Amber. Raven seemed to be very concerned about Amber considering to stay married to Matt.

Upon watching the episode, viewers couldn't help but agree with Raven. Some even thought that Amber would be better off with Raven instead of Matt and started to ship them on Internet.

"Amber.. Honey.. Your man is in your face baby..If you don't get wit raven you are a damn fool.. That man looks at you like you are the most beautiful woman in the world!!" one fan wrote on Twitter. Echoing the sentiment, someone else added, "Amber needs to be dating her best friend, what’s wrong with him? Cause Matt ain't it sis."

"Anyone else think Amber's friend Raven would be a perfect match for her?" another user said. A fan also urged Lifetime to develop a spin-off series focusing Amber and Raven, writing, "Get you someone that looks at you the way Raven looks at Amber now thats a spin-off I'd want to watch!"

Another person, meanwhile, was convinced that Matt wasn't even genuine about his marriage to Amber. "I'm convinced Matt just wanted to be on tv. Matt is all talk no action. He is full of S**t!" one user said. "Matt talks like he's really invested and given a lot only thing we've seen him invest in is staying away from his house and wife for days," one other comment read.

Elsewhere in the episode, Jamie and Elizabeth reunited as Jamie didn't come home for four days following a fight about Elizabeth's behavior at the racetrack. Elizabeth thought it was "f***ed up," while Jamie said in confessional that he and Elizabeth had a vicious cycle of fighting and their marriage would never last if it continued.

The episode also featured all four couples going on a retreat D-8 until "Decision Day". The retreat brought each couple closer but many things could happen before the big day. Now, they have one week left to think about what should they do with their marriage.

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