Taylor Swift Delivers First Live Performance of 'Lover' Tracks at Paris Concert

Treating a select group of fans to an intimate 'The City of Lover' concert, the 'Me!' hitmaker strums her guitar to play such tunes as 'Death by a Thousand Cuts' and 'Cornelia Street'.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift performed several tracks from her new album "Lover" live for the first time during an intimate concert in Paris, France on Monday night, September 09.

The 29-year-old singer took to the stage in the French capital's Olympia Hall to perform "The City of Lover" concert to a select group of fans - all of whom had entered competitions to win tickets to the gig.

While she went all out with some of the renditions, including tunes such as "ME!" and "I Knew You Were Trouble", Taylor pared things down halfway through the show, with her dancers and backing musicians disappearing from the stage as the singer re-emerged with just a guitar.

"There are a lot of the songs on this album that's just come out that I've never played live before, and I was thinking about how I'd really like to play some of these songs for the very first time," she told the crowd. "And I was thinking maybe the best way to do it would be just playing the songs acoustic the way that I wrote them."

Taylor then sang tunes such as "Death by a Thousand Cuts", "Cornelia Street" and "The Man", all of which are taken from her seventh album "Lover".

Reflecting on how she feels when she performs the tunes, she mused: "It's like a song is my photograph, so I can go back and remember what it was like to experience it."

After the relaxed interlude, Taylor upped the pace once again, and told the audience that she was treating the event as something of a celebration.

"In my mind, I look at this (concert) like a release party," she explained.

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