Is She OK? Alexis Skyy Robbed at Gunpoint in Atlanta

Her friend, Sabrina Peterson, who was with Alexis when the incident took place, breaks the story on her Instagram account as she reveals that they were robbed at QuickTrip.

AceShowbiz - Alexis Skyy had an unfortunate experience when she was hanging out with her friend Sabrina Peterson over the weekend. The Glam University owner revealed on Instagram on Sunday, September 8 that she and the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star were robbed at gunpoint at the QuickTrip on Howell Mill, Atlanta.

Fortunately, both girls are safe after the incident as Sabrina explained in her post, "Myself & [Alexis Skyy] was robbed at gunpoint last night at the QT on Howell Mill. I know you probably just thought it was two girls & a nice car but it's DEEPER THAN THAT! Let's call it a mistake!" She added, "The blessing is my son or her daughter wasn't in the car because you would have taken our kids too."

Later, Sabrina hinted in another post that federal agents are now involved in the case. "Please young criminals do your homework. It's above me now," she said alongside an image of a quote that read, "Image committing a state crime on the b***h that stays federally watched. Congrats my love the FEDS are involved."

Even though Sabrina and Alexis are safe, Sabrina's 2019 black Maserati truck got stolen. Meanwhile, the "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" beauty has yet to address the report. She has been documenting her outing with Sabrina on Instagram Stories, though.

This arrives after Alexis was criticized over her past as a stripper when she shared on Instagram a post that read, "From running strip clubs … to running businesses. Never give up on your dreams thank you everyone for your support." Haters quickly questioned her caption as one said, "When did u ever run a club sis? U was dancing out here lying in these streets smh." Another comment read, "You mean being a w****e?"

But some of her fans had come to her defense following the criticism. "Wow I see a lot of haters in these damn comments and ain't got nan buisnes (sic). So proud of you Alexis! So inspired," one fan noted, while one other told them to "stfu to all you miserable a** haters who broke a** hell. It's not about where u came from but where u going. Go head Alexis."

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