K. Michelle Feuding With Her BF's Patient Who Declares Love for Him

In response to one of his patients who declares her love for Kastan Sims, the 'Love and Hip Hop: New York' star warns, 'Don't ever fix your mouth to say you LOVE anything bout my n***a.'

AceShowbiz - K. Michelle makes it clear that no one is allowed to declare their love for her boyfriend Kastan Sims, even though the ones who do it are his patients. Those who do it will have to face the wrath of the 34-year-old singer, just like what one of her boyfriend's patients did recently.

It all started after she posted on Friday, September 6 a video of she and the Memphis native together, leading one of his patients to comment, "I love my dentist." Her comment didn't sit well with Michelle, who was quick to roast her, "Let that be all you love. Him cleaning your teeth. Okurrr. Okurrr honey. Don't ever fix your mouth to say you LOVE anything bout my n***a."

His patient was taken aback by her comment, hitting back at her, "That's so sweet but we are the chicken u eat so apparently you dont know me and it was no shade. He is a great dentist and he's more family than any thing. Wing factory ring a bell."

Clearly, the response that she received only made the "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star become angrier since she then launched into a full-on attack. "B***h don't nobody want no damn dry a** wing factory and no I don't know yo a**. Get your teeth clean and shut the f**k up before you won't be able to go back and that's on GOD. Keep it cute h**. You ain't no damn family if I don't know you. You brought yo local joke a** over looking for national attention," she said.

She continued warning the patient not to ever go back checking her teeth to Kastan, adding, "You still talking? This is making your life. I don't give a f**k who you serve chicken wings to but on your off time stay your thirsty clout chasing A** off my page. Chicken head a**."

Michelle and Kastan have known each other before they started dating. She often refers to him as her husband, although they're not legally married. The couple is now reportedly expecting twins via surrogacy.

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