Charlize Theron Offers Glimpse of 7-Year-Old Daughter's Face in Rare Photo

In the Instagram picture that is taken during family vacation, Jackson is seen reaching out for fruits in a bright red polkadot dress and a pair of orange sandals.

AceShowbiz - Charlize Theron seems to be in a giving mood as she enjoys her family vacation. On Sunday, August 25, the blonde actress shared on Instagram a couple of pictures from her fun-filled trip with her children, but what made it special was the fact that one of the snaps featured her 7-year-old daughter Jackson.

In the photo, Jackson could be seen reaching out for fruits in a bright red polkadot dress and a pair of orange sandals. Charlize unsurprisingly covered the little girl's face with the tree's foliage, but didn't mind giving her followers a glimpse of her side profile. Another image showed a breathtaking view of the ocean with her shadow appearing against a stone wall.

"We don't wanna leaves," the "Bombshell" actress captioned the images.

Charlize adopted Jackson in 2012 and August, 3, in 2015. Even though she has been private when it comes to revealing her children's faces, she has opened up about them in various interviews. Back in May, the "Atomic Blonde" star revealed how her children would sometimes act like they were "masters" of knowledge.

"They feel like the limited amount of knowledge that they have at this age, they act as if they're masters of that knowledge, and use it consistently in a matter [of] like, 'You're stupid, mom,' " she said during her appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon", further explaining about how the two girls tried to outsmart her.

She recalled, "[August] always says … I'll say like, 'Isn't the sunrise so beautiful?' And she'll [be] like, 'Actually, mom, actually, it's very rude to say that the sun is beautiful.' I'm driving in the car like [makes frustrated face]." As for Jackson, Charlize noted that the 7-year-old once told her, "You know, Medusa's in our pool."

"I said I had no idea Medusa lived in our pool. I said, 'Where is she from, by the way?' " she remembered. "And she just looked at me and she went, 'New Jersey.' "

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