'Little Women' Star Christy McGinity's Ex Seeks Spousal Support, Insists They Had Sex

In addition to asking for a divorce from the 'Little Women: LA' star, Todd Gibel demands spousal support and is asking the court to terminate her ability to be awarded support from him.

AceShowbiz - "Little Women: LA" star Christy McGinity's estranged husband Todd Gibel has responded to her filing for an annulment. While Christy claimed they had never consummated their marriage, Todd came out with an opposite statement.

According to court papers, which was obtained by Radar Online, Todd insisted that they did have sex throughout their 5-year marriage. Sent to Los Angeles Superior Court, the docs also served as his response to Christy's annulment on August 14.

In his response, Todd gave different statements from what Christy stated in her annulment. Todd said that the two separated on May 8, instead of April 17. In addition, he claimed he moved to California in September 2013, not September 2014.

He went on revealing that he took out a $22,000 loan against his 401K to pay for their first and last month's rent as well as security deposit for their California apartment. The money was also used to buy furniture, kitchen appliances, televisions and more for their home. This was apparently ot all the things he'd done to help Christy financially.

Todd claimed that he helped Christy pay for attorney's fees for her two custody cases by taking another loan in the amount of $18,000.

"Neither Petitioner or I 'knew the effect this show would have on the little people community' or any other community for that matter," the papers read, as Christy accused him of using her for fame. "We worked together as a team to make this happen and any success or 'celebrity status' that was obtained from this was as a result of the effort we both put into filming our parts of the first season of the Little Women: LA. I was in no way looking to defraud the Petitioner in any way." Todd added that his marriage proposal came long before any "celebrity status" was obtained by anyone.

"I proposed marriage to Petitioner because I truly loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her," the papers continued. Of her claim that they never had sexual intercourse, Todd said that it was "just flat out false."

"The first three seasons of Little Women: LA followed not just Petitioner singularly, but also our relationship leading up tour wedding, our struggles to conceive a child naturally (which by the way can only be done by us having intercourse), our failed attempt to conceive a child through fertility treatments, and our exploration into trying to adopt a child. These struggles along with others also led us to appearing on Little Women: LA Couples Retreat, which could only have been done together," added the court docs.

He's filing for divorce from Christy, citing irreconcilable differences. In addition to asking for a divorce, Todd demands spousal support and is asking the court to terminate her ability to be awarded support from him.

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