Katy Perry Praised as Professional by 'Thinking of You' Video Co-Star Amid Sexual Misconduct Claim
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Coming in the 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker's defense, Anderson Davis calls Josh Kloss' account against her 'a smear job,' adding that his own experience was 'nothing but positive' on and off set.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry's "Thinking of You" video love interest has defended the pop star after another promo partner accused her of sexual harassment.

Just days after Josh Kloss, the singer's "Teenage Dream" co-star, alleged Katy pulled at his underwear and revealed his penis at a party, Anderson Davis insists the "Roar" hitmaker was nothing but professional when they worked together.

"I'd be 100% happy to defend Katy," he writes on Instagram.

"I read an article regarding the male model's thoughts and what he had claimed Katy Perry had done to him. What I can tell you is my personal experience and it was nothing but positive. Katy was extremely inspiring, sweet, darling, professional on set and off the few times that we ran into each other...."

"We made a beautiful music video, I worked with some very talented but more importantly great people, and made some friends that I've enjoyed drinks and dinner with over the years."

Davis has suggested Kloss' account is "a smear job," adding, "everyone seems so needy for attention no matter how they can get it, even at the cost of someone else's reputation."

"We have a responsibility as a society as individuals not to be careless with our accusations or words," he adds.

Kloss insisted he did not have fun working with Perry, calling their time together on the "Teenage Dream" video "one of the most confusing, assaulting, and belittling jobs I've ever done."

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