Blueface Gets Mocked After Claiming He Slept With 1,000 Women in 6 Months

Some people brand it 'disgusting' if the 'Respect My Crypn' rapper indeed has slept with that many women in just half of a year, while some others simply doubt his claim.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has made a shocking and perhaps unbelievable confession about his sex life. The 22-year-old rapper, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, said during an interview with "Big Boy TV" on Real 92.3 that he had slept with more than 1,000 women in just six months.

"How many females you think you knocked down in the last six months?" Big Boy asked him, to which Blueface responded, "Probably like 1,000." He went on explaining how he could rack up such impressive number within a relatively short amount of time. "It's like sometimes it might be a threesome, it might be a foursome. I done had a fivesome," he said. "Me and four was pretty hard."

The revelation has drawn many responses from Internet users and most of them were not impressed. Some people think it's disgusting, considering how the habit increases risk of getting exposed to STD.

"If this really true then I hope the man sees a doctor every week cause I know he got bout every std known to man," one expressed her/his concern. Another pointed out the risk of getting STD, "Isn't there a statistic that like 1 in 8 women have stds or something?"

Others think it's not something to brag about. "Which equals 5 a day? That's either a disgusting life or a disgusting lie," one wrote. "The idea of having sex with 5 new people per day for 6 months makes me wanna puke. Maybe I'm getting germophobic in my old age," another shared her/his opinion. Someone else added, "This isn't something to brag about. Not cutest all. HIV is real.,I've seen ppl die from it. It doesn't discriminate."

Not even thinking about it seriously, there are also many others who doubt Blueface's claim. "I'm over there laughing in the back when he said 'I'm a f***er,' " one reacted to a clip of the interview. Another mocked the "Respect My Crypn" hitmaker's math skills, "That's almost 5 women a day. I don't think he knows how to count."

"Our test results reveal...that was a lie," someone else simply suggested. One other thinks Blueface wasn't capable to do it, "Every day for 6 months? Nop, he's capping for sure. He doesn't even look like he has the stamina for that."

Another person did the math to point out how it's impossible to sleep with that many women in six months, "1,000 women in 220 days is 4.5 a day. Taking away time for sleep, eating and face tattooing he's basically claiming he has sex with a woman once every 2 hours."

A few others, meanwhile, accused Blueface of making the claim to gain attention. "His music career is already floundering and this is how he makes use of his limited time in the spotlight," one critic wrote.

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