Pooh Hicks Pressing Assault Charges on Karen King for Jumping on Her in 'LHH: Atlanta' Reunion

Following Pooh's police report, Things don't look too good for Karen King, as her arrest is reportedly 'imminent' and the fact that she is currently still on parole is not helping either.

AceShowbiz - Pooh Hicks reportedly won't let Karen King a.k.a. KK off the hook after the latter physically assaulted her in the reunion special of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" season 8. According to MTO News, Pooh is calling police on KK and is pressing assault charges against her co-star.

The site states the brutal attack in the episode, which saw KK launching a punch to Pooh before brutally ripping off her wig, is considered a violent crime under Georgia law. Following Pooh's report last week, it's said that the Fulton County Police have opened a case against KK.

Things don't look too good as her arrest is reportedly "imminent." Additionally, she is currently still on parole.

The fight between the two co-stars went down after Pooh said offensive remarks about KK and her son Scrapp DeLeon. Host Nina Parker attempted to move to the next segment after they focused Pooh and Karlie Redd's threesome scandal by mentioning that Redd visited DeLeon while he was in prison.

Pooh wasn't having it though, as she quipped, "But they also was f***ing." That was probably not a good thing to say when KK was only one seat away from her. Before things went even more chaotic, KK was ejected from the reunion show as the use of violence was a breach of her contract.

This is not the first time KK was involved in physical altercation as she has a history of violence and a criminal record. The reality TV star was previously a fugitive as she was included in America's Most Wanted back in 2012 for beating up her ex-boyfriend at a house in Canton. She was wanted for kidnapping and causing severe bodily injury to her son's father Lyndon Baines Smith. Additionally, she was wanted for aggravated assault in connection with the incident.

KK was not alone as she attacked Smith alongside her sons, who lured their father to their home. Police reported that once Smith entered the house, KK, her sons and two of their friends beat, struck and repeatedly kicked him well past unconsciousness, breaking several of his ribs and facial bones to the point of disfigurement.

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