LeBron James Seemingly Warns David Griffin After He Slams Him: 'Enough Is Enough'
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The New Orleans Pelicans general manager says he was 'miserable' while working with the athlete, in addition to claiming that James is not 'the same animal anymore about winning.'

AceShowbiz - Is this LeBron James' response to David Griffin criticizing him in a new interview? The New Orleans Pelicans general manager recently made headlines after he described his experience working with the basketball star as "miserable," and now the latter appeared to have hit back at Griffin through a tweet posted on Thursday, August 1.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Griffin admitted that having James on his team was at one time a celebrated thought, but after the pressure set in, he found it overwhelming. "The reason is LeBron is getting all the credit and none of the blame. And that's not fun for people," he said. "They don't like being part of that world."

He continued, "Everything we did was so inorganic and unsustainable and, frankly, not fun. I was miserable. Literally the moment we won the championship I knew I was gonna leave. There was no way I was gonna stay for any amount of money."

Elsewhere in the interview, Griffin also stated that James had not been as committed to his craft since leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to the top of the NBA in 2016. "There wasn't a lot else for him," he noted. "I don't think he's the same animal anymore about winning."

After the interview hit the web, sources close to the three-time world champion stated that James was "shocked" by how Griffin described him. He seemingly let his feelings known by posting on Twitter a cryptic post that read, "Alright alright. Enough is enough. The throne has been played with [too] much and I ain't for horseplay. Ether coming soon!" Even though James did not name names in his tweet, people suspected that he was talking about Griffin.

LeBron James' Twitter post.

LeBron James seemingly responded to David Griffin.

Griffin himself did not directly respond to James' tweet, but according to the sources, he spoke to a friend of the basketball star and insisted that some context was missing behind his comment. It's said that James' camp encouraged Griffin to clear up his stance on the record.

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