Darrell Johnson has, prior to his resignation, stressed to 'CBS This Morning' co-host Gayle King that he 'would not leave his daughter with anyone that's accused of being a pedophile.'

AceShowbiz - R. Kelly's crisis manager Darrell Johnson announced on Monday, July 22, night he's stepping down from his position.

Johnson, who is a member of the disgraced star's inner circle, stepped down as the singer's crisis manager after making a U-turn on a comment he made on CBS about not leaving his daughter alone with the star, or anyone accused of pedophilia.

"I should have worded it better," Johnson told "USA Today", adding that he meant to say: "I would leave my daughter with Kelly because I do not believe he is a pedophile"

A short while later, Johnson confirmed he no longer worked for Kelly as a crisis manager or spokesperson.

"This has nothing to do with Mr. Kelly it's for my (own) person(al) reasons," he added.

During his initial interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King, he commented, "I would not leave my daughter with anyone that's accused of being a pedophile. I would not."

Kelly was arrested on 11 July on federal indictments in Chicago and New York. He has been held in a Chicago jail without bail ever since.

Prosecutors claim the singer had sex with underage girls and filmed himself in the act.

Johnson maintained in the interview his now-former client was "a normal person."

"I haven't seen anything that would cause me to be suspicious," he insisted.

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