'Bachelorette' Recap: Hannah Brown Sends Luke Home After He Sex-Shames Her Again

The new episode sees four guys, Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, Luke Parker and Peter Weber, going to fantasy suite dates with Hannah Brown, which marks the first time ever in the show's history.

AceShowbiz - The July 15 episode of "The Bachelorette" featured something unpredecented. For the first time ever in the show's history, there were four guys, Tyler Cameron, Jed Wyatt, Luke Parker and Peter Weber, going to fantasy suite dates with Hannah Brown.

The first guy to go on a date with Hannah was Peter. They went to enjoy a romantic boat ride through Crete, Greece. Despite their undeniable chemistry, Hannah felt that Peter hadn't fully opened up to her as much as others.

Peter once again struggled to express his feeling, but he eventually overcame it and told Hannah she was the first person to ever make him feel comfortable with being fully himself. Hannah then invited Peter into the fantasy suite and their overnight date took place in a windmill and they woke up beaming in the next morning.

Later, Hannah and Tyler had massage date and at one point, Tyler even got up and massaged Hannah himself. It didn't take long before the date went super physical, but that only made Hannah worried if they also had such strong chemistry when it came to emotional connection.

She then told Tyler that she didn't want to have sex with him in the fantasy suite because she didn't think that their relationship needed it. "I think we have to explore just being together and continue our emotional connection and have that time," she explained, adding, "That's what we need in the fantasy suite." Tyler understood and even told her that he loved her. They decided to spend the night together.

During his date, Jed asked Hannah why he was in the bottom two alongside Luke at last week's rose ceremony. He was afraid Hannah saw him in a negative way since Luke had been the "villain" in the season. "I just don't fully understand how you can be as amazing as you are and even consider someone like him," Jed said to Hannah.

Hannah said that she was "still trying to figure it out." She added, "I do think he's a good guy. I don't know what to say. I guess if you're this close to being with somebody forever, if you're this close to finding your husband, then what makes you hold onto something so certain?" However, she noted that their relationship "is a little bit different."

During the nighttime portion of the date, Jed opened up to Hannah that what she said earlier afffected him even though Hannah reassured Jed that they were in a good place. "I would completely be lying to you if I would say it doesn't affect the way I feel," Jed shared. "It does weigh on me. It's weighed on me a lot. I think I need to know where I stand going forward."

Eventually, Hannah stormed off from the table after she got frustrated that Jed didn't trust her. She was ranting about how she had to explain why she had feelings for Luke. She told Jed that she understood where he was coming from, but it might be hard for her to be together with someone who didn't trust her. Jed explained to her that what he said was all out of love, and after some "real" moment, Hannah invited him to the fantasy suite which he accepted gladly.

The last date was between Hannah and Luke. The daytime portion went well with Luke confessing his love for Hannah and telling her that she could see his future with her as his wife. However, the date took a horrible trun during the nighttime portion.

Luke said to Hannah that he would "remove himself" from the show if he knew that she had sex with any of other other men. Taken aback, Hannah responded, "Some of the things you said, I don't agree with at all. Honestly, I'm kind of mad because that way you just said that is like…why do you have the right to that? You're not my husband. You're questioning me and judging me and feel like you have the right to, when you don't at this point."

Although Luke tried to explained himself, telling her that he was okay if she "slipped up" one time, but he wouldn't be okay with her being sexually intimate with all three other men. That prompted Hannah to be living and she told him off. "Maybe you abstain from sex, but there's a lot of things you struggle with. Because I might want to have sex…that's your x off?" she told Luke angrily. "Well, I could have x-ed you off so many times for things that I want out of a relationship, and it's just sex for you. Well, I want someone who can get along with people. There's so many things I don't want out of a husband that you've shown. So, that's a big f*** you. That's what it is."

When Luke said that he felt like she "owes him" another chance, Hannah got even more angry. "I have bent over backwards for this relationship!" she ranted. "So I don't owe you anything! Get up! I cannot believe you just said that to me. I OWE YOU?!" With that, Luke was eliminated.

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