August Alsina Blames Nerve Damage for Not Showing at 2019 Essence Festival

Reaching out to his fans through a social media video, the 'Numb' singer reveals that he has been admitted to the hospital after he found himself unable to walk and feel his legs.

AceShowbiz - R&B singer August Alsina has been hospitalised after experiencing nerve damage in his legs.

The "No Love" star disappointed fans after skipping his scheduled set at the 2019 Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana over the weekend (July 06-07), and took to Instagram on Monday to explain the reason for his no-show, admitting he has been dealing with some serious health issues.

In a video message taken from his hospital bed, August told fans, "So here's the sitch (situation): I woke up one day and wasn't able to walk. Couldn't feel my legs. My doctor ended up admitting me to the hospital to do a bunch of tests and he said that I have some nerve damage going on throughout my whole body that I have to undergo a recovery process for."

The 26-year-old has no idea how long his recuperation will take, but he plans to get back on the road once he's been given the all clear.

"I don't know, it's like my immunity (sic) system just went on vacation," he continued. "So just waiting on it to come on back so we can get together and make it do what it do, man (sic)."

It's the latest health setback August has faced in recent years - he collapsed onstage in 2014, when he spent three days in a coma, and subsequently developed an addiction to pain pills. In 2017, the singer also revealed he was "sick all the time" due to an undisclosed liver disease.

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