Meghan King Edmonds Prays for 'Miracle' as She Reveals Son's Irreversible Brain Damage Diagnosis

The former 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star opens up about her struggles to find out what's different about his son Hart and admits that she feels 'a little bit guilty' about his diagnosis.

AceShowbiz - Meghan King Edmonds has opened up about her son Hart's heartbreaking diagnosis. In her blog post titled "My Hart", the mother of three details her journey to find out what's different about the boy, who was born with his twin brother on June 5, 2018.

The former "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star says she knew "something was different with Hart" from "the minute he was born." She explains, "The nurses struggled to straighten his legs to measure his length. He suckled hard, shallow, and often until I bled and he spit up black." She adds, "Well, I knew. I always knew. I just knew..."

Meghan says she consulted with her pediatrician, who told her Hart was fine. She then took Hart to a neurologist and a neurologist who specializes in Cerebral Palsy, who didn't find anything wrong with Hart, until she asked for an MRI. "Eight days after the bottom fell out of my life I put my son through an elective MRI with anesthesia," she shares.

When the result came out, the neurologist told her that "Hart has minor Periventricular Leukomalacia on both sides of his brain (namely the white matter), but more so on his right." Meghan says that this explains "the rigidity in his muscles, the (somewhat) delayed physical milestones, the lack of fluidity with arm and leg movements, the stiffness in joints, the weakness in his lower back, the somewhat favored use of his right side." The neurologist also said that "he is at risk for being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy."

"I immediately called Jimmy to tell him. He was surprised, which surprised me," she continues writing. "That night Jimmy and I went out to dinner for the first time in weeks. I explained to Jimmy how we are not somehow compromised or punished for having a child with special needs (whatever that may or may not mean!), we are BLESSED."

Deciding to stay positive despite his son's diagnosis, Meghan says, "I will go on about this another time but just know that I do not see his diagnosis as anything but a gift: we were chosen to take on this special person. I truly feel as if we’ve doubled down and won the underdog hand. Truly."

She, however, admits, "This doesn't mean his diagnosis isn't a challenge... or a little bit sad, or that I don't feel a little bit guilty. Because yes - just yes - to all of those things." Revealing her concern about her son's development, she says, "I pray for a miracle and I grapple with how to navigate his life.... This is a heavy challenge as a mother: where do we go from here? This is where: one foot in front of the other."

In the end, she seeks strength and guidance from God as she concludes her post, "God, you're talking to me. I hear you. Let's do this. All of it."

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