Saweetie Shuts Down Internet Troll Accusing Her of Riding on Quavo's Fame

The 'Icy Grl' hitmaker, who recently received a huge diamond necklace as a birthday gift from her rapper boyfriend, claims she has made her name in the hip-hop industry before she's dating the Migos member.

AceShowbiz - Saweetie has worked her way off to where she is today, and she is not having it when someone tells her that she owes her success to another person. The 26-year-old has clapped back at an Internet user who claimed that her boyfriend Quavo made her famous.

The said user commented on Saweetie's recent birthday post, "Every famous girl has to be brought out by a guy are they their pimps? I have never seen a female blow up without a man behind her or with her. Something has to change for real in that industry."

Setting things straight once for all, the "Icy Grl" hitmaker responded to the hater, "Bruh I been on my s**t before I met him don't ever get at my career like that I WORK HARD FOR MINES AND IF I WANNA LOVE A N***A I CAN DO THAT TOO FOH !!!!!"

While Saweetie didn't need Quavo's help to pave her way in music, she did thank him for saving her birthday. The California-based singer, who turned 26 on Tuesday, July 2, lamented on Instagram earlier that day about how her birthday had turned disastrous.

"What i ordered vs what i got [angry emoji]," she wrote in a caption of a side-by-side photo of a sleek-styled wig that she ordered and a puffy style that she got. "Hey y'all .... so I've had the craziest bday ever. EVERYTHING went wrong."

"Didn't get the right hair... didn't have a bday fit... missed a performance... I'll explain later," she continued, adding that she still had things that she was grateful though. "but s**t a bih alive and that's what I'm thankful for thank you for all the birthday wishes !!!" she told her fans and followers.

Her sour mood, however, turned cheerful when Quavo surprised her with a birthday party. He also gifted her a huge diamond necklace which reads, "Icy," seemingly paying homage to her hit song. The party had the same theme, with pink balloons decorating the venue.

Posting photos from the bash, Saweetie wrote, "Sorry for being a brat when I didn't like my hair and almost cancelled the night. you really had me thinking we was going to eat crab legs and pulled off the dopest surprise party. I was already sad to spend my bday away from home thank you for saving my holiday and making it so special love you cho."

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