Idris Elba Stops 'Tree' Show Midway to Aid Fainting Woman
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Speaking of the medical emergency incident, Manchester International Festival's artistic director John McGrath notes the 'Hobbs and Shaw' star was right next to the woman when she collapsed.

AceShowbiz - Actor Idris Elba rushed to the aid of a woman who collapsed during a performance of his new play "Tree" on Wednesday, July 03.

The production was briefly halted while its star made sure the audience member was attended to by paramedics at Upper Campfield Market Hall in Manchester, England.

Manchester International Festival's artistic director, John McGrath, insists the woman is fine, adding, "She was right next to Idris in the audience so he was there trying to help out and make sure that paramedic support workers got to her... It was certainly helpful that Idris was there to help out with that."

Elba's aid has given the play a positive spin after two former writers, Tori Allen-Martin and Sarah Henley, claimed they were forced out of the project and received no credit for their work.

In a new statement, Elba insists the writers decided to leave the project when "new ambitions" were proposed. He also stated that they had been acknowledged in the foreword of the play's programme.

The show was inspired by Elba's 2014 album "Mi Mandela".

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