'Big Brother' Shocks Houseguests With Brand New Twist in First Eviction Ceremony
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Of the new twist in current season 21 of the CBS show, executive producer Rich Meehan shares that he wants to 'do something that looked different and felt different.'

AceShowbiz - In the Wednesday, July 3 episode of "Big Brother" season 21, host Julie Chen revealed a huge new twist which shocked everyone. That night saw the Houseguests voting Ovi, sending him home except that he didn't. That was when "Camp Comeback" was introduced.

The brand new twist allowed the evicted houseguest to continue living in the house as part of social game. However, they wouldn't be able to compete in challenges, participate in ceremonies or vote.

The members of the camp would be sleeping in a separate room. Joining Ovi in the camp was David, who was eliminated after the first comp. Despite that, one of the first four parts of the camp would eventually be given an opportunity to get an official spot back in the house.

Executive producer Rich Meehan told Parade.com that he wanted to "do something that looked different and felt different." He continued, "Then we brainstormed, and this came from this idea of 'What if the evicted houseguests didn't leave and could still play the social game while not playing the physical game?' "

"We thought it would be an interesting dynamic that the houseguests have never had to deal with before. They never had to live with someone they just evicted. We're in season 21, so we're always asking how we can come up with something new and different. This is something that feels fresh and put a spin on the game," he explained.

As for how much access that the evicted houseguests were given, Meehan said, "For most of their time in the house, they'll be able to roam and participate in all the social things going on. The big thing is that they can't participate in any competitions or vote on eviction night. They are out of the game; they're just living inside the house."

The EP also shared that the evicted houseguests would have to stay upstairs any time there’s a ceremony or a competition. "They'll then watch the action on an old black-and-white television," he added.

"Big Brother" airs on CBS Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 P.M.

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