Taye Diggs Wants 'Empire' Bosses to Bring Jussie Smollett Back for Final Season

The 'Rent' actor shares, during a conversation on 'Inside The Black Actor's Studio', his thought on the decision to fire the Jamal Lyon depicter following accusations of him staging his hate crime attack.

AceShowbiz - Taye Diggs has called on "Empire" bosses to allow his Jussie Smollett to return to the hit U.S. TV show.

The 37-year-old actor and singer was dropped from the final two episodes of "Empire" fifth season, after he was accused by police of staging the reported hate crime which took place outside his Chicago, Illinois apartment in January. Creator Lee Daniels later announced that Jussie wouldn't be returning as Jamal Lyon for the programme's sixth and final season.

Now Taye, who played Angelo DuBois on "Empire" between 2016 to 2017, has said show bosses were too quick to axe Jussie from the show - especially now he's been cleared of all charges.

"If I am being honest, the smart thing would be to bring him back and, and let it interweave it into the, into the show, you know?", he said during a conversation on Black Hollywood Live's "Inside The Black Actor's Studio". "I feel like, people, I may get in trouble for saying this, but they're so quick to just, uh, to leave, to leave these people. You know what I mean? So quick to, to fire them, so quick to kind of, you know, throw them away as opposed to, you know, taking their time and, maybe letting it, let it, let it work toward, you know, the program or the job, or, you'd probably get to the bottom of it if he, if he stuck around."

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