Madonna to Launch 'Madame X' Radio Channel on SiriusXM

In a statement about her new venture, the 'Medellin' hitmaker explains that the channel will help devotees to 'gain a deeper understanding of what drives her as an artist and a performer.'

AceShowbiz - Madonna will become a radio host next week (begin July 01) with the debut of her own exclusive SiriusXM channel.

The 60-year-old superstar announced the new venture on Friday, June 28, two weeks after the launch of her new album, "Madame X".


SiriusXM channel teased Madonna's guest appearance.

"This channel brings you into the intricate world of Madame X," she shared in a statement.

"You'll learn more about the creative process behind my latest album and gain a deeper understanding of what drives me as an artist and a performer."

The channel, also called "Madame X", will feature behind the scenes stories about the making of Madonna's project, and some of her classic songs.

Scott Greenstein, President of SiriusXM, added, "Madonna is an artist who is the very definition of a musical and cultural icon. Her voice, songwriting, performances, and life's work has made her a universal force. Along the way she has created some of the most creative and biggest-selling albums of all time."

He continued, "Our exclusive channel celebrating Madonna is a truly comprehensive deep dive into the music of one of the world's most legendary artists."

"Madame X" debuted atop America's Billboard 200 chart, becoming Madonna's ninth number one album in the U.S.

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