'Black Mirror' Brushes Aside Halsey's 'Existential Crisis' Caused by Miley Cyrus Episode

In response to the 'Bad at Love' singer' tweet about the troubled pop star episode, inside source insists that co-creator and writer Charlie Brooker did not base Ashley O character on her.

AceShowbiz - The producers of hit Netflix series "Black Mirror" have assured Halsey the character Miley Cyrus plays in the new season of the show is not based on her.

The "Bad at Love" singer told fans she experienced an "existential crisis" while watching the episode in which Miley plays a troubled pop star named Ashley O.

She wrote: "Black Mirror episode about a pop star named Ashley with colorful hair. Existential crisis: Engage."


Halsey took to Twitter to share her opinion on the series.

She went on to point out her real name is Ashley and joked, "If I die they killed me."


She joked that she was the main character on the show.

But, according to emails obtained by TMZ, one production executive insisted "Black Mirror" co-creator and writer Charlie Brooker was "only vaguely aware" of Halsey, and did not base his Ashley O character on her.

Sources claim the desperate character is a metaphor for several pop stars like Miley, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

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