Adrien Broner Challenges 50 Cent to a Fight After Rapper Refuses to Lend Him $1M

On the other hand, the 'In Da Club' rapper declares that he has ended his feud with Bow Wow after the latter paid him back the money that Fofty said was stolen from him.

AceShowbiz - The list goes on. Adrien Broner has become the latest celebrity who is embroiled in a beef with 50 Cent over money problem. However, this time around, the feud started after the professional boxer noticed that the "Candy" rapper had blocked him on Instagram.

Adrien then took to the photo-sharing platform to blast Fofty, sharing a note that read, "50 Cent you blocked me n***a. I need to borrow a million punk a** n***a call me." He additionally wrote in the caption of the post, "Hit me up n***a or when I see you we go Rumble." But Fofty later made it clear that he had no intention of lending the athlete any money, writing in response, "F**k you AB, we still mad about that money you made us lose on ya fight. Yeah I blocked your a** because you f***ing up the money."

It didn't take long for Adrien to hit back with a couple of middle finger emojis and a fight challenge. "F**k you to 50 Cent and we can fight to solve our differences," he wrote on Instagram.

Fofty has yet to give his response, most likely because he had Adrien's account blocked. However, he kept slamming the athlete and stressed that he wouldn't be "f***ing with AB till he get a W. I'm a call his phone later and curse his a** out."

While Fofty is currently beefing with Adrien, he has ended his feud with Bow Wow, whom he accused of stealing his money. In a video posted on Instagram, the "Power" actor claimed that the "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" star had paid him the money that was meant to be given to strippers when they were partying earlier this month.

"So I just got off the phone with my man Ant. He called to tell me Bow Wow reached out and gave him the money so we cool and s**t. But I wanna do something to that n***a. I feel like the n***a stole my muthaf***ing' money. I f***ing throw the money for the dancers and s**t this n***a picking it up and taking it home with him," he said. "But y'all leave him alone! He feeling all kind of pressure! Muthaf***as on his page like, 'Yo you owe 50 money, muthaf***a! You better pay!' I know he's like, 'Ah!' "

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