This Is How Kim Kardashian Will Clap Back at Taylor Swift After Her 'Petty' Diss on New Song
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Besides 'You Need to Calm Down', Taylor previously shaded Kim by including a snake, which seems to be the nickname for her by the TV star, in her music video for her single 'ME!'.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift recently released a new song "You Need to Calm Down" in which she hit back at haters. Kim Kardashian, who has long been feuding with the country-turned-popstar, isn't exactly thrilled with her scathing new album.

An insider reveals to Radar Online that the 37-year-old "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star "really wants Taylor to move past the petty 8th grade bulls**t." The source adds, "Apparently, Taylor will never be done shading Kim."

However, the source shares that the TV star has her own way to hit back to the singer. "Kim is letting her appearance at the White House yesterday speak for itself," says the source, referring to Kim visiting White House to meet President Donald Trump to discuss criminal justice reform just hours before before Taylor dropped her new album.

"It just so happened that the day Taylor announced her album, Kim spoke at the White House in front of the whole world, completely blowing her out of the water," the insider continues. According to the source, it's not coincidence that the KKW Beauty founder "wore green, the color of the snake" to White House.

Back in April, Taylor appeared to diss Kim by including a snake, which seems to be the nickname for her by the TV star, on her music video for her Brendon Urie-collaborative single "ME!". The video featured a vicious snake that transformed into a bunch of pretty butterflies.

As to how Kim will respond to Taylor's shades, the souce shares, "Kim will continue to drop more subtle hints on social media as more of Taylor’s album becomes revealed. She is really sick of it, but at the end of the day they both kind of live for it."

Kim and Taylor's feud started after the former's rapper husband Kanye West name-dropped Taylor in his song "Famous" in which he called her a "b***h" whom he made famous. Taylor wasn't thrilled with the lyrics, though the spouses insisted that they had made her listen to the song before the release and she approved it.

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