Videos: 50 Cent Gets Into Confrontation With Aspiring Rapper Who Interrupts His Date
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The 'In Da Club' rapper doesn't seem to be welcoming when a rapper named NFL Dume approaches him to prove his worth as an artist, while the former is enjoying a date night with Nikki Nicole.

AceShowbiz - What was supposed to be a peaceful date night turned into a nightmare for 50 Cent. When the "In Da Club" hitmaker was out and about with "Black Ink Crew: Chicago" star Nikki Nicole, an aspiring rapper by the name NFL Dume approached him to prove his worth as an artist. The latter clearly chose the wrong time because Fif didn't seem to be that welcoming.

In several videos that surfaced online, Dume was seen pestering Fif about checking on his music. It was clear that the latter wasn't interested and attempted to walk away, before Dume said something that upset the "Power" star. "You gon' hit me? Come on. You gon hit me because I tell you I got talent?" the newbie could be heard shouting when Fif turned around to face him.

Instead of hitting Dume over his antics, Fif told him that he would never make it because his approach is off. "Are you crazy, though?" he said. "It's not gon' work. Your s**t is not gon' work. You know why? Because you're stupid. The way you're approaching it is wrong! There's nothing you can play right now. There's nothing you can show me right now that's gon' help you."

Dume then offered to show his Instagram page, but Fif wasn't down with the idea as saying, "Look at my IG is gon' help you right now?!"

His confrontation with Dume aside, Fif has been beefing with several people these days over money that they owe him. Most recently, the "Candy Shop" rapper urged his former G-Unit bandmate Young Buck to pay up the $300,000 he allegedly owed him, "I gave this fool the money man, he spent it. I paid his taxes all his legal fees," Fif said at the time. "Then he got caught with a tranny, and said f**k you 50. NO F**K YOU PUNK A** N***A."

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