Ciara Squeezing 'Intense' Harvard Business School Workload Into Busy Schedule

Making the most of her college experience, the 'Level Up' hitmaker admits to have been doing homework before performing on 'Good Morning America' Summer Concert Series.

AceShowbiz - R&B star Ciara is hitting the books at every opportunity as she gets to grips with her "intense" workload after enrolling in Harvard Business School.

The "Level Up" hitmaker recently revealed she was heading back to school after she was accepted into the prestigious institution's Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports course.

The singer, who now has her own Beauty Marks Entertainment label, is enjoying having the college experience she had previously missed out on, but finding the time to study has been tough for the mother-of-two.

As a result, Ciara found herself doing a little homework early on Friday, May 31, as she prepared to stage a live TV gig from New York City's Central Park for the "Good Morning America Summer Concert Series".

"I've been able to live out my college dream this week...," she smiled. "It's incredible, I'm learning so much, and as you know, I have my own record label now, so I'm jumping in. I'm trying to soak up as much as I can, I'm honestly having the time of my life.

"This morning I was literally reading case studies!" she explained. "I was reading a case study before I started to come out and do soundcheck, but it's intense, like, every little detail matters. I'm having a really good time".

Ciara will have even more to juggle this summer as she is also gearing up to go on tour, with the trek kicking off in September.

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