DaBaby Issues Warning After Bloodily Knocking Out Fellow Rapper in Louis Vuitton Store

However, Cam Coldheart isn't gonna let DaBaby claim his victory easily as a security guard of the store reveals that DaBaby isn't alone in the beatdown, claiming that two people jump on him.

AceShowbiz - Rapper DaBaby is not here to play, showing what he could do to anyone who is messing around with him. The North Carolina rapper took to Instagram on Saturday, May 25 to share a video of him beating up fellow rapper Cam Colheart inside a Louis Vuitton.

DaBaby posted a series of videos with the first one was from Coldheart's perspective, in which Coldheart could be seen provoking DaBaby. "You a b***h. He walking up on me and s**t like he about to do something. What you gon' do? What you taking your s**t off for?" Coldheart said in the video.

The next video, which was taken from DaBaby's perspective, then featured him responding to Coldheart. "He was so scared, boy!" DaBaby said while Coldheart could be heard replying, "Scared of what?" Then the chaos ensued when DaBaby and Coldheart started attacking each other.

Meanwhile, the final video saw Coldheart lying sideways on the floor with a bloody nose. Additionally, he had his pants around his ankles, showing off his underwear. "I'm the truth n***a. ... Quit playing with me bro! Quit playing with me bro! Pick yo pants up, n***a!" DaBaby said to the camera.

"When bullying Baby on the internet goes wrong," the "Suge" rapper captioned the videos.

Following the physical altercation, DaBaby shared another video in which he gave people warning not to mess around with him. The Charlotte native was seen lying on the bed and saying, "N***as love to play with me, and play victim, then call the police."

However, Coldheart wasn't gonna let DaBaby claim his victory easily. He came up with a video of him interviewing a security guard who confirmed that DaBaby wasn't alone in the beatdown. "Everybody thinking [the fight was] one-on-one," he said. "Two people jumped on Coldheart. And I'm still here to pick up my Louis V belt."

DaBaby and Coldheart started feuding earlier this year. Their drama stems from Cam saying that DaBaby wasn't a good representation of Charlotte as he's originally from Ohio. The Billion Dollar Baby CEO simply laughed at Cam's claims, urging him to "DO SUMN."

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