'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Finale Recap: Find Out the Unexpected Winner of the Season

Prior to the first immunity challenge, one of the 11 eliminated players in the season is given a chance to win their way back into the game by navigating a rope obstacle course.

AceShowbiz - The finale night of "Survivor: Edge of Extinction" aired on Wednesday, May 15. One of the remaining five players, Lauren O'Connell, Rick Devens, Julie Rosenberg, Gavin Whitson and Victoria Baamonde, would go home with the coveted $1 million.

Prior to that, one of the 11 eliminated players in the season was given a chance to win their way back into the game by navigating a rope obstacle course. They later had to navigate two balls through a maze, and Chris Underwood, who was eliminated back in day 8, won the game.

Chris was previously on Manu tribe. With that, he knew Devens and Lauren while he had never worked with Julie, Gavin and Victoria. Devens betrayed Chris earlier in the game, though the former now insisted to Chris that it would not happen again as they shook hands. Chris was also the only one who knew about Lauren's idol as he told her a message from her ally Kelley Wentworth who suggested her to play her idol in a big way for herself or someone else.

For the reward/immunity challenge, the six players were asked to go through a series of obstacles and complete a difficult puzzle. Julie came out as the winner with some guidance from Chris, earning her a spot in the final five. Julie then chose Chris and Lauren to join her on the reward.

The two tried to make Chris vote out Devens, but he told them that the jury wanted Devens or Victoria to win. They then came out with a plan to split the votes between those two as they thought Devens might have an immunity idol. Meanwhile, Victoria tried to talk to Gavin and Devens to vote out Chris.

Chris told Devens his secret about having two halves of an immunity idol when he returned to the game. He gave the other half to Devens and they could put them together if they made it past this vote. Meanwhile, Lauren assured Chris that she would give him her immunity idol if Devens played his at tribal.

At the tribal council, Devens and Lauren played their idols. Devens got three votes, Chris got one and Victoria got two. With that, Victoria was eliminated. Devens was later trying to find a new hidden immunity idol while attempting to trick others with two fake idols. Devens finally found a real one, though Julie and Chris noticed that.

Devens then gave his half of the other idol back to Chris, which meant the two of them were both safe at the next vote. Julie and Lauren, meanwhile, thought that Devens' fake idols were real.

The players later had to run an obstacle course to collect puzzle pieces, then solve the puzzle for the immunity challenge. Devens won the challenge and secured a spot in the final four. Devens told Gavin that he would give him his extra hidden immunity idol in exchange to him bringing Devens to the final three if he won the next immunity challenge. Gavin agreed, though he said he might have to go against his word in a confessional.

Lauren started to get skeptical whether her immunity idol was real or not. She planned to vote out Chris with Julie and Gavin, and also went to Chris to ask him to vote out Julie. At the tribal, Julie and Lauren played their fake idols with Chris playing his real one for Gavin. As for Chris, he played his real idol for himself. So, Devens, Chris and Gavin were all safe, while Lauren was sent home after getting two votes.

The final immunity challenge saw the players balancing a tower of blocks on a wobbly ledge with the one who stacked all their blocks being the winner. Chris won and got a spot in the final tribal council. He gave his immunity necklace to Julie and decided to take Devens on himself. He did win and sent Devens home.

Julie, Gavin and Chris pled their case at the final tribal. Chris, however, pissed off the jury when he interjected to ask Gavin his own question. Meanwhile, Julie was criticized for claiming she used emotions as strategy and not making a legitimate big move in the game.

Gavin tried to convince the jury that Chris had an "unfair advantage" by coming into the game with just three days left in addition to receiving an immunity idol. Chris, however, stood for himself by saying that he played a better game in three days than Gavin did in 39.

The votes were finally revealed in a live finale. Chris got 6 votes while Gavin only earned 4. The winner of "Survivors: Edge of Extinction" is Chris!

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