Did Wendy Williams Just Address Poisoning Accusation Leveled Against Kevin Hunter?
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The 54-year-old TV personality appeared to touch on the subject when talking about cupcakes from an audience member in a recent episode of her rebooted YouTube series 'After Show'.

AceShowbiz - There has been a lot of rumors surrounding Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter ever since his cheating allegations surfaced. Among them was a report that stated her estranged husband tried to poison her before. The TV personality appeared to address the rumor in a recent episode of her rebooted YouTube series "After Show".

Rather than confirming or denying it, Wendy seemingly poked fun at the report when talking about cupcakes that an audience member recently gave to her. "The woman who won Eye Candy happened to have been the woman who gave me well, now she told me they were cupcakes," the 54-year-old said. "I saw on the box it said cupcakes from The Cupcake Man or something like that in Jersey, and a legit place so I know they're not poisonous, so I'm going to share them with the crew."

"The Wendy Williams Show" host later revealed the cupcakes to the camera, showing how the treats were beautifully decorated to form a caricature of her sitting on a couch.

According to a report, the poisoning incident happened when the estranged couple was still married, prompting police to pay a visit to their home and check on her well-being. When asked about the allegation, she initially replied, "Well, I'm very popular." But after being pressed by the police, she became "tearful" and ultimately denied any poisoning had occurred.

Wendy filed for divorce from Kevin on April 11 after nearly 23 years of marriage. The latter has since quit executive producing "The Wendy Williams Show" and is no longer her manager. Wendy has reportedly found a replacement for her estranged husband as she hired Bernie Young to be her new manager. However, he does not serve as an executive producer for "The Wendy Williams Show" even though he has experience of being one.

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