'RHOA' Reunion: Porsha Williams Details Belt Gate, NeNe Leakes Accuses Chyntia Bailey of 'Betrayal'
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Cynthia denies the allegations that she sets up Kenya Moore's appearance at Eva Marcille's party as she's confronted about why she whispers to Mike Hill about the need to act oblivious about it.

AceShowbiz - "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 11 aired its third and final part of reunion special on Sunday, April 21. The episode saw the cast members of the Bravo reality show discussing NeNe Leakes' infamous melt down during her "Bye Wig Party", when she went violent to one of the cameramen who tried to film Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams who were inside her private closet.

"The one thing I hated most when I watched it was all the cursing," said NeNe, who added that she didn't regret putting her hands on the staff member. "It didn't bother me. ... I said we were not filming in my closet, and no one was to go in my closet. That was a rule said up front."

However, NeNe insisted that she didn't hit the man, but only pulled his T-shirt. "Well, him, but the other guy got choked up, scratched up, went to the hospital," Porsha interjected. Surprised, NeNe asked, "Did he go to the hospital? I didn't hear nothing about that."

"He absolutely did and absolutely had scratches on his back. Choked up and head drug against the wall," Porsha replied. Kandi chimed in, saying that "his tooth got knocked out."

"The producer that she choked up was [holding his hands up in the air], making sure that every move was on him from her," Porsha went on adding. "And then NeNe comes in, and she said, 'I said get out!' "

"And at that point, I felt a hand on my back, and my belt came off, and I went forward. So at that point, I was like, 'Okay, you know what? She means it.' And once I walked on out the closet, that's when I saw the man's shirt ripped, and then I saw her choking up the producer. And that's exactly what happened," she continued.

The new mom also detailed the Belt Gate in which she accused NeNe of attacking her, who was still pregnant at the time. Porsha went on claiming that she was pushed by NeNe and then her belt came off during the scuffle.

Also brought into the topic was the drama surrounding Cynthia's party. Cynthia denied the allegations that she set up NeNe's encounter with foe Kenya Moore. During the episode, Cynthia was confronted about why she whispered to Mike Hill about needing to pretend that she didn't know Kenya was coming. She said it was because she had not yet even told NeNe that Kenya was even invited, so she wanted to act oblivious to all of it.

Cynthia insisted that it was not a betrayal. However, NeNe begged to differ, saying, "It looks like betrayal so stop trying to act like it ain't." Before the episode concluded, NeNe shared that she and Cynthia "are good" now, though it didn't seem sincere given the sarcastic tone.

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