Fans Praise Anna Duggar's Transformation as She Drops a Lot of Weight

The wife of Josh Duggar and mother of his five kids is almost unrecognizable as she is much slimmer in an Instagram picture shared by her sister-in-law Jana Duggar.

AceShowbiz - Anna Duggar shocked fans for a good reason when she's featured on Jana Duggar's latest Instagram post. The wife of Josh Duggar looked so much different as she noticeably dropped a lot of weight, more than a year after welcoming their fifth child.

Jana, who is the younger sister of Anna's husband, recently took to her social media account to share a picture with her sister-in-law and her longtime friend, Laura DeMasie, who recently relocated from Arkansas to Georgia. People were soon gushing about the woman on the far right, whom many took a second glance of to recognize before realizing that it's none other than Anna.

"Wow Anna looks amazing," one wrote in the comment section. "I thought that was a relative of Anna's. Looks like her but also doesn't," another commented on Anna's physical transformation. Another praised her, "Anna looks beautiful."

Another Instagram user similarly said of Anna's look, "Anna is tall and she looks different in this pic!" Someone else added, "Is it just me or does Anna look really young in this picture ?" Another agreed, "@annaduggar you are honestly looking younger and younger as you get older! You look awesome."

Anna has actually been documenting her weight loss journey. In early February, she decided to get started on her New Year's resolution of adopting a more active lifestyle. "Several of our friends made New Year's resolutions for fitness, started some kind of diet and decided to try to make some changes in the new year! I used the 'busy mom' excuse," she admitted.

She went on sharing, "While I made a noble goal of reading through my Bible this year, I thought I would skip the fitness goals. However, seeing the progress of my family & friends has inspired me to join in making a physical change for 2019!"

The 30-year-old set a goal of walking 50 miles in February and walked two or three miles per day in order to reach her goal. She exceeded that milestone by 5 miles, and kept the initiative going with her "March Through March" campaign.

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