'Friday' Star Tommy Lister Gets A Visit From Police Over Domestic Dispute Concern

The actor known for his role as Deebo in the stoner film series claims that cops advised him to file for a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend after viewing footage from her live-streaming session.

AceShowbiz - "Friday" actor Tommy Lister (Tom Lister Jr.) recently received a visit from police in Arizona amid concerns he was involved in a domestic dispute.

The star, nicknamed Tiny, caught the attention of Chandler cops earlier this week (begins April 01) after he was featured arguing with his then-girlfriend in a live-streaming session, and then smacking the phone out of her hands.

During the altercation, the woman could be heard screaming, "Don't f**king hit me!"

According to TMZ, the incident was reported to authorities, who responded to the domestic disturbance call by stopping by Lister's home to investigate.

The 60-year-old, known for playing Deebo in Ice Cube's "Friday" comedies, and the woman involved were both quizzed about the heated dispute, but no arrests were made, and neither party wanted to press charges.

Lister, who is separated from his wife Felicia Forbes, denies striking the female, and claims police officers viewed the video footage and advised him to file for a restraining order against his now ex-girlfriend.

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