Porsha Williams Hits Back at NeNe Leakes for Saying She Did 'Voiceover' for Her Closet Scream

'She said that in an interview in the studio and they actually inserted it in the show,' NeNe alleges.

AceShowbiz - The bad blood between Porsha Williams and her "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star NeNe Leakes over the closet drama apparently has yet to end. The infamous scene of season 11 of "RHOA" saw Porsha, who was pregnant at that time, and Kandi Burruss going into NeNe's closet despite her objection, prompting NeNe to have a wild meltdown.

The episode saw Porsha, who gave birth to her first child earlier this week, screaming, "I'm scared, get me out of here," to production staff. However, NeNe claimed that Porsha didn't actually say those words. Instead, she allegedly overhyped her lines in a studio to make it more dramatic.

"On the show when she said, 'I'm scared, get me out of here,' she filmed that in the studio and did a voiceover and they put it in the show. So they got her to say, 'I'm scared get me out of here,' she said that in an interview in the studio and they actually inserted it in the show," NeNe explained in her new video for her YouTube series "Life on NeNe!".

The Shade Room on Instagram posted the video on the photo-sharing platform and it caught the 37-year-old new mom's attention. Hitting back at NeNe's allegations, Porsha wrote in the comment, "NeNe Leakes you are a bald edges lie! Nothing was taped and added. I said that the exact same moment you were assaulting people on camera. Just the same way Marlo [Hampton] yelled, 'She's pregnant.' Now back to breastfeeding I go."

The two TV stars have been going back and forth regarding the closet drama. Porsha previously alluded that NeNe attacked her during her outburst, making her belt came off of her clothes. NeNe, however, denied the allegations as she addressed the belt-gate in an Instagram Live broadcast.

"Now, I want to address the Porsha thing, where Porsha is insinuating that she was touched in the closet," she told the camera. "There were four people in the closet -- me, Porsha, Cynthia [Bailey] and Marlo [Hampton].. and Kandi [Burruss]."

She went on saying, "The closet is [small] with an island in the floor. So Porsha is the only one saying that she was touched. Or I think what she's saying is that her belt came off so she just assumed that I touched her so her belt came off."

"I'd like to know how is that possible - and that's what I told her at the reunion. I was not even behind you, so how could I touch your belt?" she continued.

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