Jessa Duggar Faces Criticism for Sharing Video of Son Spurgeon Peeing Himself

The 'Counting On' star takes to Instagram to reveal that the three-year-old boy has an accident during his potty training.

AceShowbiz - Fans have always loved all the child-related posts that Jessa Duggar shares on her Instagram, but her recent post apparently caught people's attention in a negative way. The pregnant reality TV star faced backlash after she shared a video of her attempting to potty train her 3-year-old son Spurgeon for the first time.

As this was only her first attempt, it wasn't smooth sailing as one would have expected. Spurgeon ended up peeing himself and made his pants wet with urine. When Jessa asked him what happened, the boy replied, "My pants leaked... again." The "Counting On" star replied, "It's called you went pee on yourself. You were just on the potty two minutes ago and we couldn't get you to go and you couldn't go. Why did this happen?"

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Getting real here, Mamas. 😄 Video 1: Expectations. Video 2: Reality. . So cute and comical, it’s hard not to laugh at his explanations!! 😂😂😂 . We’re setting the 10-15 min timer and trying every time it goes off. We have nerds for prizes— 1 for trying, 2 for pee, 4 for poo. (love that they’re tiny, so not a sugar overload). Started this morning, but so far, we’ve had 3 accidents and nothing in the potty. 🙈 Maybe I’m not having him sit and try long enough?? 🤔 . Ok moms, what are your top tips for *seated* potty training? (I’m going to see how long I can avoid letting him know there’s a standing option, bc I HATE being surprised by a wet toilet seat or a puddle on the floor. 😝)

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Jessa asked for advices in the caption, but what she got was criticism instead. Many took problems with the fact that Jessa let the world know that Spurgeon just peed on his pants. "Your kid is going to be a grown up eventually and probably not appreciate the public eye seeing him wet his pants," one user said in the comment section.

"Can't imagine the embarrassment of being an adult and there being evidence of my potty training accidents on the internet for friends, bosses, girlfriends to see," another said as a follower expressed her/his disappointment with Jessa, "Putting a video of his accident on social media is not right. Yes giving advice to other parents is good. But I feel bad for your son. Years down the road, as popular as your family is he will see it and I pray he doesn't feel totally mortified by this video. Some things should be left off social media."

Not all the comments were criticism, though. For instance, Jill Duggar said, "If he can do it once {when he is good and full... and at the normal pee/poop time}, and know which muscles he is using then maybe that will help do the trick for next time?!" Anna Duggar added, "I actually poppie train my kiddos before I potty train -- less messy that way."

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