Emilia Clarke Urges Brain Trauma Survivors to Share Their Stories in Thank You Message

Overwhelmed by positive responses to revelation of her brain aneurysm, the 'Game of Thrones' star puts out a video in which she expresses her deep gratitude for fans' kind messages.

AceShowbiz - "Game of Thrones" star Emilia Clarke has shared an emotional thank you message with fans after she was inundated with words of support following her brain aneurysm reveal.

The actress went public with her health scares in an essay for The New Yorker on Thursday, March 21, recalling how she had "cheated death" after suffering two brain injuries - one after she had completed filming on the first season of the hit fantasy drama in 2011, and the second following its third year.

The candid article coincided with the launch of her new charity SameYou, which aims to increase access to rehabilitation for young people after battling brain traumas or strokes.

On Friday, Emilia returned to Instagram to post a sweet video, in which she expressed her deep gratitude to followers for the kind messages she had received in response to her essay.

"I had to put a video up to say thank you," the Brit said. "The response from my story has been overwhelming and deeply and profoundly moving, so thank you so much."

"A million million thank you's (sic) to everyone who has read shared and sent love for my story," she added in the caption. "it's a beautiful thing to behold and I can't quite believe how many of you this has affected."

Emilia, 32, also encouraged survivors of similar incidents to open up about how they bounced back from injury, via her new charity website.

"So you've heard my story, and now we would like to hear yours, so please go to SameYou.org and tell us your recovery story," she added in the clip.

Emilia's charity launch comes weeks before the premiere of the eighth and final season of "Game of Thrones", which debuts on 14 April.

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