Kristoff St. John's Ex Considers Suing Mental Health Clinic Allegedly Responsible for Actor's Death

Mia St. John blames the facility, which is used on 'Celebrity Rehab', for not properly handling the late actor's mental illness and addiction when he was admitted earlier this year.

AceShowbiz - Kristoff St. John's ex-wife Mia St. John blames a mental health clinic for the actor's death. The boxer claims doctors did not properly recognize the severity of his mental illness and addiction, and released him early when he was hospitalized back in January.

Mia tells The Blast that she was responsible for helping Kristoff get treatment earlier this year after he slipped into a deep depression and threatened suicide, and was self-medicating with alcohol. Mia says she and his "The Young and the Restless" co-stars staged an intervention. Though he didn't agree to get help immediately, he eventually gave in.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Mia says the family asked for Kristoff to be placed on a 5250 hold, which allows a person with certain mental health disorders to be involuntarily held for up to 14 days. He later checked into Las Encinas Mental Health Facility in Pasadena which is famously used on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew".

Mia says after he checked into the facility, she talked to him a few times. But on February 1, she found out that he had been released. The family was reportedly extremely upset, as they were under the impression he was being kept on a 14-day hold. Kristoff was released from the center after a 72-hour hold.

Mia says they couldn't locate Kristoff, but she eventually got him on the phone. Mia was worried when Kristoff told her that their son Julian was knocking at the door of his home to "take me on a walk." Their son Julian committed suicide in 2014 after battling mental illness. The then couple successfully sued a mental health facility in Long Beach, where their son was treated, for negligence.

Now, Mia is reportedly considering all her legal options as she believes that Kristoff was suffering from a mental illness that was not properly treated by the medical staff at Las Encinas. According to The Blast, Mia "hopes to use any legal action taken against the hospital as a platform for facilities to better recognize addiction as a mental illness, instead of releasing patients before they are allegedly ready to survive on their own."

Kristoff died on February 3 at Los Angeles, California, home. His death is listed as hypertrophic heart failure. While his death has been ruled accidental, Mia and his family believe that he died as a result of his addiction and abuse of alcohol.

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