'The Bachelor' Finale Part II Recap: Do Colton Underwood and [SPOILER] Get Engaged?

The episode sees the Bachelor asking for a second chance to the girl he's been wanting to be with.

AceShowbiz - Colton Underwood wrapped his love journey in "The Bachelor" season 23 in the second part of season finale which aired on Tuesday, March 12. Yesterday's episode saw him breaking up with his other two finalists Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin in hope of getting back together with Cassie Randolph, who ended things with him in the previous episode.

Following the shocking movement, the Tuesday episode picked up with Colton standing in front of Cassie's hotel room. The two then were seen having a chat. Cassie was shocked when she learned that Colton had sent the other girls home. Colton told her that they weren't the women he wanted to be with.

"I'm sitting here asking for a second chance and to take it day by day and figure it out," he told Cassie. Cassie explained that she was worried if someday he would regret his decision to give up the chance at an engagement just to be with her, but Colton insisted that it was "part of a relationship -- compromise and sacrifice." He added, "Those are the things you do when you love somebody."

His words moved Cassie as she agreed to take it day by day with Colton. The Bachelor then invited her to Spain to meet his family. When the two met his family, they didn't waste time to ask the pair if they considered themselves to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They admitted that they hadn't got to that point with Cassie explaining to them that she wasn't sure if she wanted a commitment as much as Colton.

That concerned Colton's mom Donna. However, Colton assured her that Cassie was different. "She's the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about before I go to bed," Colton said. Meanwhile, Cassie revealed to Colton's dad Scott that she hoped spending some time with Colton's family would give her the clarity she needed.

Cassie also had a talk with Donna. She wanted her to know that she wanted to make sure she's completely confident that she can be "all in" before she decides to be with her son.

During Colton and Cassie's one last date, she opened up about her previous "controlling" and "stifling" relationship. Colton, though, tried to convince her that their relationship would be all about compromise. Over dinner, she told Colton that she was starting to feel more confident, adding that she was ready to be "all in" with him once this is all over. Cassie then agreed to share a Fantasy Suite together with Colton.

The Bachelor, however, refused to reveal whether or not he lost his virginity to Cassie. Colton cryptically said that they "had a great night" and did "what was best for [their] relationship."

The highly-anticipated moment finally arrived as they appeared on "After the Final Rose" for their first time in public together. The pair confirmed that they're still together and "super in love." While Cassie shared that the engagement talks have been brought up, they are still dating at the moment.

Colton went on saying that he had moved to Los Angeles, though they are not moving in together just yet. They revealed that they were planning to spending the next year traveling. During the "After the Final Rose", Colton gave his final rose to Cassie.

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